Yo Ho Yo Ho a quarantined life for me.

As Covid-19 seems to be making everyone a bit stir crazy, I am at complete peace and happiness.

As an introvert, I naturally used "social distancing". I never wanted to be all up next to strangers. I never enjoyed clubs or bars or social gathering places with a bunch of people there. I was at Publix and waiting in the line to check out recently. While off in my own little world thinking, it was my turn to pay and the cashier said "thank you for helping and keeping your distance." At first I was like huh? But then as I gathered my surroundings a bit, I looked at how far I was away from everyone and I waited patiently for her to ring in everything before I stepped closer to pay, allowing her time to step back away from me. I realized that I always did that. Being home with my family has confirmed what I have known personally for a while. This is my dream life, to live close to my loved ones but distant from the rest of the world. I don't fit in with the rest of the world and don't want to. I used to think I enjoyed networking with people, but I have come to realize that what I enjoy is overcoming my own insecurities about not being an extrovert and everytime I did that I would get a rush being able accomplish that goal. The truth is I don't like being social...not on social media, or out in the world. This time at home has allowed me to spend so much time coaching my daughters on Softball,(which I enjoy more than anything else in the world) cooking and doing tasks that normally I would hate. Tasks such as cleaning the garage or doing dishes. Without the annoyances of facing the world every day...I realized I actually enjoyed organizing the garage and doing dishes and laundry. (I actually always enjoyed laundry...at least my own)

I have recently distanced myself from social media as well as the rest of the world. I realized that I would get angry with the world and trying to fit in it being on, so I left all of my personal accounts. ( I brought back Facebook because it has contains logins for apps I use on my phone so I always have to reactivate in order to use them but I heavily unfollowed people.) I realized that social media made me angry because people care too much about fixing other people to be like them, instead of worrying about themselves and those close to them. I am tired of others telling me how to think feel and act. So in the words of MC Hammer I will do what I want to do, say what I want to say, live how I want to live, play how I want to play, dance how I want to dance...(well I don't dance) You get the idea. So while many are miserable being quarantined, I am having the best time ever. I can finally be myself and I fit right in. This is awesome. When I am not around a bunch of people...I am happy, at peace, content and enjoy everything we are doing. I am sure I am not alone in this as the only one enjoying this time.. if I am I don't care, but are any of you loving this life and would you love to live this way for the rest of your lives? I definitely would. I have no desire to EVER go to another concert, Major Sporting Event, Parade, Fireworks display, or any location where there will be hundreds of people gathered every again. I also love the way school is going in my home and would love for that to be the way...no more bullying, school shootings, would cost way less to run, etc. I am sure my wife who is a teacher and would my daughters would disagree with me as will many of you, but what else is new right? I have said that schools would be done this way in the next 5- 10 years for at least a year now, I didn't think it would get this jumpstarted approach but I definitely see it going there soon. I really hope that people start worrying about controlling themselves to be good, but anything that tells others how to think feel and act are manipulative and wrong focus on yourselves, protect yourselves and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing...you can't do anything about it anyway.....or don't I don't care, that is what I am doing and it is so much better than pretending to have faith in people who constantly let you down, betray you, hurt you. I have faith in a very few people and that is how it will stay for the rest of my life. Listen to me don't listen to me the decision is is yours.

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