What does a successful day of business look like when you are just starting out?

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

My days usually start exactly the same each and every morning. I wake up and immediately get dressed and ready for the day. I do not like to leave anything to chance so I want to make sure if I have to leave suddenly, I am prepared to do so. I am not one of those people (you know who you are) who needs coffee to be coherent, My brain has started processing what I need to do probably a good 15 minutes before my eyes open. To be perfectly honest some of my best ideas come from this time. Once awake I immediately get something to eat and drink...in my case a big bottle of water and a big bowl of Hawks Boiled Peanuts. https://hawksboiledpeanuts.com/ They are the absolute best around and I always...yes ALWAYS have them cooking in the crock pot. Luckily there is Sue's Farmers Market right around the corner that sells them so I can grab them 5 pound bags at a time. https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Farmers-Market/Sues-Farmers-Market-285627601628030/

I munch on them while watching a few people who help to make me better, Gary Vee, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCctXZhXmG-kf3tlIXgVZUlw

Steve Martin and Mark Spencer from Rippletraining.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Qy-4esLdXmO1F6k5kz0Qg

and many others you can check out my YouTube Subscriptions to see everyone, it is quite extensive. During that time I have checked all emails and messages, and reached out to new potential strategic partners through contact marketing ( I will get into that in another post but if you want a great book on the strategies I utilize check out this one. https://amzn.to/2KBrNFb

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Then it is usually time to take my daughter to school and the make or break it time of my day begins. I like to schedule podcasts and meetings immediately after I drop her off, so that I can always maximize time, not just my own but for any clients as well and mornings usually work best. If I don't have anything scheduled then I try to find places where many of my target market will be, places like coffee shops. Two of My favorites are Sweet Brewnette http://www.sweetbrewnettecafe.com/ and Belleair Coffee https://www.belleaircoffeecompany.com/

Here is where I usually have to force results. Being shy and very tunnel focused it can become easy for me to lock into my Macbook editing and never notice the people around me, passing me by. Many times this tunnel vision can be a great asset but in this scenario the most important thing is to stand out, grow my brand both personal and professional. It takes one moment, one meeting, one person to completely change our lives but if we are so self-absorbed in our "tasks" we can miss those moments. I created a questionnaire that not only helps me get a better understanding of the way my target market thinks, but it also allows for me to use it to meet people I would otherwise never spark the conversation with. If I don't meet someone new every single day, then the day is a failure. It really is as simple as that. What do I mean by meet. Well I have exchanged Social Media Handles gotten contact info set a meeting to discuss further what they are truly passionate about. I fail, the truth is it doesn't matter how much money I made that day, because generally that was gained on a meeting of the past and so it doesn't count today. Our goal should be to win every day. If you are a leader of others, how often do you meet the people who follow you, how often do we do that on Instagram? Do you really care about them? Or, do you care about what they can do for you? To me that is the very definition of a good leader, one who cares for others and then acts on that....in this case most won't even know he or she is a leader much less a good one. One of My favorite Books on Leadership is Lead For God's Sake because it describes how without caring for those you lead eventually it becomes impossible to motivate your team properly.


I don't ever want my wins to be defined by money, or a checklist of tasks. I hope it is always about meeting new people and growing the brand one person at a time. Those are the wins for me, those are what I truly get and stay excited about. It is a process and I will admit that I am not that good at the approach, but I have great mentors who I learn from and I have come so far in a very short time so it can absolutely be learned and fine-tuned. I encourage you to really analyze your business practices and ask what really gets you excited, then create a way to measure how effectively you can use it to cultivate your daily wins. It has really worked for me and helped me to see the many positives in a roller coaster lifestyle of a business owner. So in short what is a success? Do you know for certain that someone new learned about your business? If so, congratulate yourself on a good day of business, if not be better tomorrow.

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