Top 5 most Overrated Music Artists of All-time

Recently, I have been in conversations with multiple people about who the best and worst artists were in history. Like many, I am a fan of all kinds of art, paintings, music, photography, of course videography, animation etc. I kind of get the feeling I may be alone in my thoughts of the most overrated and overblown artists, bands singers in history. I will let you know who I believe to be the best but that will be for another day. This top 5 is my opinion and while I may be alone in my thoughts, I would love to know if there are others who share in my overall dislike of these artists work, as well as the ones you feel may be the most overrated. I have also left off any one hit wonders and people who I think we can all agree lack vocal talent, range and depth and may only have sold albums because of looks and brain-worm songs (Brittany Spears would be a great example of this) Without any further delay, let the countdown begin.

Number 5: Ed Sheeran

Now while I am sure everyone will think I am crazy, there is something about his music that is nails on a chalkboard to me. It is a bit early to place in all-time overrated status and I was on the fence about it, but my dislike of everyone of his songs runs very deep so here he is. The biggest thing for me is that I feel like he tries too hard to mask an English accent as he sings and it reminds me of the Friends episode where Ross used an accent to his his class and now has to fade it out over time. It is quite comical and here is a link to the scene if you want a good laugh, but for Ed Sheeran it annoys me so much that I can't stand to listen to his songs. So he anchors our number one 5 spot.

Number 4: Bruce Springsteen

The Boss is one of the highest selling artists in history and loved by many. Even a movie about how his lyrics changed a young mans life is coming out soon, can't wait to not see that. The crazy thing is that lyrically I like many of his songs, vocally though, I just don't get it. As a musician as far as creation he is good, however like Ed Sheeran, I really don't enjoy listening to him sing. I would much rather he just give the lyrics to talented singers and let them sing it. I do at least understand how people could like him, which is very different from the rest of the people on the list. I do feel he is very overrated as an artist though and so he is our number 4. Sorry Boss you are just not for me.

Number 3: Jay Z

So Jay Z is our first billionaire Rap artist and to be honest, I really have no idea how. Aside from New York State of Mind, I have never liked a single one of his songs. Unfortunately so many of my friends love his music so I have been forced to endure it for many years now. I really don't understand how people think he is good, let alone great enough to be the first billionaire. Actually I take that back, I loved when he did the compilation song with snoop, LL cool J, and DMX oh wait that was an Aries Spears Comedy Special. Link Please enlighten me as to what I am missing, what do you guys think he does so well, frankly, I don't see it.

Number 2: Dave Matthews Band

Ok so our number 2 on the list of most overrated, absolutely baffles me. I don't like anything about any one of their songs, not a single beat sequence....nothing. I don't get the cult following at all. Many of my friends, more so my sisters friends seemed to love their music and to me I think I would rather lose my hearing than suffer through one album ever again. So overrated but I feel like I am being punk'd when people tell me they like it. There is no way anyone actually likes this crap. I mean seriously I am not now nor have I ever even wanted to be on or try any type of drugs, so maybe you have to be on them to enjoy the songs. Like are there subliminal messages you can only hear when high or something. I will never do it, but at least then I could understand.

So those of you that know me close probably have a pretty good idea of who I think the most overrated artist of all-time is but first a few honorable mentions. First was Brittany Spears as mentioned above but I actually understand the following she was an attractive woman who burst on the scene at the right time. Next is Coldplay, I originally had them in my top 5, but they were very close and eventually edged out to number 6 but I don't really understand the love for them either. U2 is in my top 10 somewhere, The Rolling Stones are in there too. I know but this is my list so whatever. Finally our Number 1

Number 1 Most Overrated Artist of All-time: Prince

I may be the only person in the world and frankly I don't care but Prince is ridiculously overrated. His songs make no sense and his sound makes me want to rip my own ears of and beat myself to death with them. When people ask me how I don't like him, they always ask me the same things and it basically a rundown of his crappy songs, "Come on may raspberry beret", Purple Rain, etc. and I am like yep I have listened to that crappy one too. but what about when doves cry...Honestly I would rather listen to doves cry....literally, or cats crying, babies crying anything else other than Prince. I don't get it, again maybe I need to be under the influence of something to understand what the heck he is talking about and that would be fine except I don't want to hear him explain it, him singing the ABC's would make me run and earmuff myself until the sound disappeared. As you may be able to tell I am not a fan.

Those are my top 5 let me know what you think and who your top 5 most overrated music artists are, I would love to know.

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