The Wedding is over...... now what.

TIPS (should you tip your photographer, DJ, Videographer etc.?)

I get this question a lot and my answer is always a resounding....if you want to.

The thing about this question is at the end of the day if you are thinking about tipping them, I say do it. I say that because if they stood out that much where you noticed them hustling, they had you totally relaxed and enjoying the day and provided energy, and fun. Absolutely Tip them. In my companies case, we never expect it, but are so appreciative when we get it.

REVIEWS: (Don't wait do it right away)

When small businesses start out, they are confident but scared to death, they focus on quality, personality and usually give way more than they need to. Yes they all look to make money, but the most important thing they are looking for is validation. You see they need to know if what they are doing is right, working, and valued. There are a few ways that we can know for sure. The first one is repeat customers, if you like something you will go back again and again and we love that, but what about in say an industry like weddings where true repeat customers is not the ideal goal (we want you to stay married forever). Now sure you may have branching customers, such as family members of the bride or groom that like you so much that they decide to use you and hopefully that is the case. I believe in the value of reviews. I believe that you should review each and every wedding vendor who was a part of your day (why?) Well because in service industry jobs, it is very difficult to separate yourself from competition because of the very nature of the job. Generally speaking those with the most advertising time and money, will be at the forefront of every client. This can be extremely difficult for smaller companies. My solution for this is reviews, when you go to check out a company the reviews are what can be the difference....even Google takes the reviews into account in its ranking algorithm, so it is a big deal. Lately in my life I have placed a focus on really telling people how I feel about them....(don't worry it is the good stuff I feel about them) It truly calms you down when you reflect on how blessed you are to have a special someone in your life. Reviews are the same way. share your experiences with your wedding vendors not only to help them out but to let them you know that the service he or she provided was appreciated. It is vital to the success of that individual, you never know how many times those vendors may question why they continue to do what they do...and your review could be and most likely will refresh and remind them of what it is they love about the business they have chosen. Take the time, it is not much and let them know you appreciated them, and do it on multiple sites, Google, Facebook, Yelp, just copy and paste the same one,They will be so grateful you did and it will help them grow their business.


If you are a wedding vendor and you are not reaching out to your past clients regularly, you are missing a huge growth opportunity, these people you have gotten to know a bit and can be a great way to help grow your business. If you are staying in contact, they can share the new platforms your business may be doing and will lead to future customers and business...not to mention the most important part is the growth of the relationship that will come from it. Keep track of things like important dates (anniversaries, birthdays etc.) this always will give you reminders to reach out to them and check in. It is vital to your growth.

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