The Struggle is Real

It starts as simply as an idea, like a glimpse in your mind a small flash of light ,quickly washed away by doubt and uncertainty. Every day that glimpse returns, teasing and taunting you like the annoying kid in the school yard. Still you doubt it and it goes away. Eventually, you begin to wonder if it could in fact be done, you start to process and really plan it out. Finally you share the idea with someone. This is one of the most pivotal moments because that person you chose to share it with in hopes they will comfort you and nurture your idea into existence with you is your validation. If they don't agree the doubt will no doubt flood you like a tidal wave and wash away the glimpse maybe for good, but if they agree with you, they will transform that glimpse into a spark. That spark still small and minuscule grows and grows into a flame and then a fire you can't shake. It becomes raging and you feel like you will burst if you don't just do it.(Sorry Nike) Suddenly every second of your life led you to this moment. Every person you met, led you to this decision. Everything you have done has brought you to right here, where everything seems to line up accordingly. YOU are going to start your own business.(What?) You are no longer going to work to make someone else rich. You are going to take control of your own destiny. Your mind full of nothing but all of the potential that awaits. You plan and budget, and work everything out to the smallest detail. This will NOT fail, how can it? You start off with so much hope and every move is calculated. Every new page like or follower brings with it a new sense of excitement. Every sale brings confidence and a renewed vigor and you can't wait to see what is next. This is fun, why doesn't everyone choose to do this, you ask yourself? You are busy, building your brand and nothing else matters except its growth. you are consumed, addicted to getting your brand out there. First, you attack family and friends inviting them to share and like everything you have put out there. You start taking on business for free to continue to grow. Price drop sales are next with the belief that the clients you work with will see the favor you did for them and give you a wonderful review. In many cases that happens, however, there are many people who don't give you reviews or recommendations. You could doubt if you did a good job, but you are confident in your work and customer service. You get back to the drawing board like Eminem says in "Lose Yourself" "It's back to the lab again yo", you come up with new ideas to grow and see positive results. Those results while maybe not fiscal motivate you for things to come. You see growth, in brand recognition and still see the positive future ahead. This is where the real struggle happens. During this time the money that you were accustomed to is not there, you can't really supplement your income because you need to keep your schedule flexible or this thing you have built will surely die. (Right) You can't and won't let that happen EVER. It brings stress with it, the stress that your family may doubt if your company will ever reach the heights you see. The stress if what the lack of money is doing to your credit score. The worry that your wife and children may someday resent you for taking a lifestyle they were used to from them. Trust me, the struggle is very real, it is very deep and it is very painful. That is when you look up, you look to the one who has you right where you are. Paul says, I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength. Hopefully when you started you prayed, and weighed options and knew what you were doing was the right thing. If that was the case then, of course it is right now. When you get to that point when the struggles seem to wrap you like a heavy blanket, you have to force yourself to reflect back on your why from the beginning. Remember that glimpse and the growth you have accomplished and push through it. I am not at a place in my journey where I can tell you this will turn out to be the happy ending and I am some multimillionaire, however I am at a place where I can tell you that I will never give up! I will never get down! I will continue to use the struggles to be my fuel and motivate me to create! I will push myself and make this business be the best it possibly can be, so that my family and friends if nothing else will see what a no quit, non-lazy, non-entitled, attacking approach to the world can accomplish!

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