If I were the Devil.....

There is a song called if I were the devil and a few of the lyrics got me thinking about our world today. Take a look at the lyrics and see for yourself

Song By Aaron Lewis:

If I were the devil, I'd find a way somehow To make man think he created God, and not the other way around And what you see on TV will seem like the gospel truth And I'd make right look so wrong, it'd make wrong look so cool

[Chorus] Yeah, anything to keep you out of Heaven If I were the devil

[Verse 2] If I were the devil, everyone would just see color And I'd take all religions, and I'd turn them against each other I'd sit back and I'd love it, watch you fuel the hate Light fires on the evening news, and let them fan my flames

[Chorus] Bring everybody down to my level If I were the devil

[Bridge] I would keep on doin' what I'm doin' And what I'm doin' sure is workin' out And if you don't believe me, I could prove it Hey, all you need to do is look around

[Chorus] Hey, I'd be thinkin' things just can't get better If I were the devil

[Bridge] And I'd just keep on doin' what I'm doin' What I'm doin' sure is workin' out And if you don't believe me I could prove it Hey, all you need to do is look around

[Chorus] Hey, I'd be thinkin' things just can't get better If I were the devil

[Outro] Now if I were the devil, when all is said and done I'd be the coward that I am and I'd tuck my tail and run I'd hide out in my darkness, and destined to regret If I were the devil, hell, I'd be scared to death

I have a few things I would add myself:

You see if I were the devil I would make people believe that I don't exist. That there is nothing to fear accept those who resist. If there is no me then God must be flawed.

If I were the devil I would create a land of tolerance, where we destroy the great to elevate the weak all so everyone lives mediocrely so no one feels less than.

I would create a land of equality so that no one is good, individuality is dismissed for causes and protests all yearning for legacy and to "be part of something bigger than oneself". I would win too, because I would infect the influencers, I would reward them with riches and beauty so that the masses follow them blindly.

I would get into schools and teach them to be inclusive, right and wrong don't matter as long as no one feels anything great or too low either. This will be the great trick because in actuality everyone will feel bad because goals and dreams would no longer exist, despair would set in because no one would live out his or her purpose.

I would plant seeds of doubt about Gods power and love because you can't have love and freewill without having freewill and hate. I would feed on that hate so that it shines so brightly. I would create phrases in the news such as "if it bleeds it leads" so that what the world is reminded of is the evil of the world, Goodness in people would become back page news or short segments used as filler and the first things cut when evil stories come about.

I would create governments who think so little of its people that it takes their riches with promise of distributing them because the people can't be trusted to help on their own.

This will lead to my greatest trick, people will no longer care for each other because bitterness will set in when your needs are not being met but you are paying for others who don't work as hard as you, or abuse the systems in place. Then people will be so far gone from God they wouldn't know the way back if they tried.

In the name of tolerance and acceptance I would create rationalization, People kill babies and each other as long as they can rationalize to themselves it is ok. If I were the devil I would use peoples fear of death to get everything I want...which is to win their souls because they are afraid to miss out on life by having to be good. of course no one who is bad would ever think they are bad because of my beautiful "Rational" creation

I would make churches become concerts just to have numbers, and then I would measure their success by those numbers so that consistently chase quantity over quality. We would fight over things that make no sense at all, boys saying they are girls, girls saying they are boys, what are the acceptable ways of killing or not. Ultimately a great war would break out a war like none other seen before because it would be within families in the same house...all in the name of tolerance. If I were the devil I would know I don't win...but it sure is fun playing and everyone gets a trophy in the end.

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