How many Videos are needed for my website?

This is a question I seem to get asked all of the time by business owners, and while It may be a simple answer of as many as possible, I would like to dive into this a bit more. You see now more than ever video content is the best way to showcase a story, a product, a service or brand identity. Video provides a unique educational platform unlike any other media because it appeals to multiple emotional responses. You can hear and see and empathize with people you see in video. The statistics are staggering in favor of video marketing and yet, I still see so many websites without them. My immediate suggestion is to start with each webpage header and place a video there describing what they will find on this page as well as how to navigate it. This will improve your web presence as well as rankings because we are more likely to stay on a page for 10 to 12 seconds to see what the video has to offer, when that happens your video just got another view and your web page just earned points. Videos are versatile marketing jewels because they work across so many platforms when done right. Testimonial videos have more value than just a written review because of the persons relatability, we instantly tell our selves whether or not we trust them and genuine people will earn trust by just being themselves. Written reviews literally can be done by anyone at anytime and may never have worked with you or your company which makes them less trustworthy. Educational videos have been the rage on YouTube for a while now, but if you have a product that you sell, you may offer an instruction booklet to use it, however if you are like me, you fear that it will be like an IKEA instructions and don't even want to look at it. Research shows that now people invest the time to look up how to use a product via video even before they purchase it and this leads to a higher purchase rate for that product. Does your product have video based instructions, if not it should. Commercials and promos have been done now for a while and can be a great way to get the word out. While some including Gary Vaynerchuk (if you don't know who he is, you should definitely follow him) and myself believe that we are transitioning away from TV marketing into a fully mobile marketing platform TV ads still exist and in some areas or demographics is the way to reach people. The best part of creating a good commercial or Promo is that it can be used for both TV as well as Social Media depending on the length of the video. Video is THE best way to grow your business, brand, and market your products period. If you are not using it already, make arrangements to get started because every day you wait is costing you money.

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