Do we even know what a hero looks like now?

As kids we often gaze at the stars dreaming of the day we can don the cape and be the hero of our story. We long to be needed and appreciated so much that our self worth meter is always overwhelmingly full. We grow up, and fail, we fall, we get picked on and bullied and we begin to doubt ourselves. We no longer see our future mapped out as the worlds hero and now we long to just be the hero for someone...anyone. For some of us we find that in our spouse, and then hopefully our children. It's a different type of hero though, we don't fly around lifting heavy objects and fighting off evildoers. We don't leap tall buildings or have gadgets and cool cars and identities. My heroes are not the people you would think, I don't idolize celebrities or athletes. My heroes are my family and friends who I see truly living for others and making sacrifices so that others can live an abundant life and strive for greatness. My parents who sacrificed so much so that my sister and I would have every opportunity they didn't through choices detrimental to those opportunities. My Hero is my wife who works every day to always be better than she was the day before, a better wife, a better mom, a better friend and teacher and someone who wants to reach her dreams and will not let anything or anyone derail her. You see for a long time we have placed our faith in the celebrities, politicians, and athletes to inspire us and we took our cues from them. As misguided as that may seem now, it has been designed that way on purpose. The Bible describes Babylon as that way, where the King tells his leaders to promote the good looking, talented people to speak to the crowd. They were treated like the celebrities we have today and people wanted to be just like them so they started to emulate them. This was the plan to enslave the masses...the best part was they would happily volunteer for it. We have been living that way for a while now. I have always been someone who sees things a bit differently. It doesn't always go over well either. One example of this is how I see media, TV Shows and Movies. Let me give you an example. In the recent Avengers Infinity War and Endgame movies, (Spoiler Alert) Thanos looks to gather the infinity stones so that he can eliminate half the population in the universe at the snap of his fingers. The Avengers fight the powerful Thanos but unfortunately lose. Thanos, after acquiring all of the stones snaps his fingers and half the population vanishes. His reason for doing this is for peace, he has seen his world overpopulated and eventually the people of his planet starve because they consume all of the resources and pollute the planet to the point of its extinction. Eventually the remaining Avengers figure out a way to time travel and undo what Thanos did and win the day. Now what do I see differently, well for one, I see Thanos as the hero of the story and the avengers as the villains. WHAT??? I know let me explain. You see one major flaw in most villains story lines is that his or her quest for power never ends. Once they get power, they either need more power or must hold on to the power they have at all cost, but Thanos after bringing peace...destroys the infinity stones. Now for those who lost people in the vanishing, it is absolutely heartbreaking and I will admit that I was a mix of angry and sad at the end of infinity War, but we are all going to die, every single one of us and Thanos did it in a way that was random and fair, he didn't specifically target anyone, race, sexual orientation, social status, past misdeeds, none of these were involved In the choice. However to stop Thanos, Tony absolutely chose to vanish Thanos which is murder. In our world today, so many people are fighting over things that in the scheme of things don't matter. I am so tired of hearing phrases like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. People are trying so hard to be heroes for everyone else and what they don't realize is that when you group up, when your self worth comes from being a part of a group of people who only support you if you think and act like them you have become the villain...even if your motives seem pure, even if you think what you are doing is noble. If you are unwilling to meet and talk with the other side one on one and try to work it may be the villain. Real Heroes are people who focus on doing right for his or her self and the circle they are in. Villains are people who think they have the power to change people and become so passionate in it that it turns from pride to rage. There are so many true heroic acts done every day, yet we seem to overlook them regularly, the mom who sacrifices sleep and rest to make sure her kids have everything they need, the father who makes sure that he shows his daughters how a man should treat a woman everyday by showing compassion and love along with protection. All walks of life we are surrounded by heroes. It is time we start telling them how much we appreciate them for their sacrifices and love. Do you agree?

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