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Are you the type of person who would rather have a gym membership and go see a trainer every week or can you, have you gotten into shape entirely on your own? Do you prefer the comfort of the rowing machine or exercise bike or would you rather get your ass on the trail or the lake and just go no real plan just you pushing yourself a bit more than yesterday? You see I grew up in a world where the gym membership life was sold as rich, classy and what you aspired to have one day. If you wanted to be an athlete it was the goal. I grew up loving the Rocky movies, but it never occurred to me that the hunger and the will to succeed was always shown by Rocky using everyday inexpensive means to get in shape. He would do whatever it took to get into ridiculous shape while his opponents had the best of modern tech and medicine at his disposal. Rocky other than part 3 where he was living the good life and Mr.T was the hungry up & comer; always won using this simple max effort approach. I believe this is a good gauge on how I see the world and business. If I am using a gym membership I have a point to stop whenever I want, on the exercise bike I go 5 miles and say “that is enough today and then move onto another piece of equipment feeling satisfied with what I accomplished. The same thing happens with the Rowing Machine, or treadmill. However when I would ride my bike on the trail, I constantly pushed myself to go Harder, Go Farther, knowing that I still had to go back. If I fell, that was on me to pick myself up, If the chain broke, it was on me to fix it and be prepared to do so. If it started raining, it didn’t matter, I still had to get home and it all fell on me. I loved that feeling it gave me a power and purpose that I definitely was not getting at work. This was the realization I needed to shove me in the direction of starting my own business. I would have to operate the same way as this workout plan, the more I took on and attempted to do, meant more work for me because I I wanted it. If I failed, it was on me but success was on me as well. There is risk, it can be scary because of who depends on you but the rewards can far outweigh the risk, I am not afraid to fail as a matter of fact I rather enjoy it. Many people don’t think this way, many want the prestige and simplicity of the gym membership and need someone in their ear telling them what and how to do things and there is nothing wrong with that. many still believe that going to college is the best approach for the future, and for some things it is. For me though, I see a different path, I see a different approach, I see that I need to be out in the water with the oars in my hands pushing myself to go farther than I did yesterday, knowing all the while that I still have to go back through the rain, or rough waters, or fix the broken chain or any other obstacles just to be able to get back home, to relax and I look at it all and say to myself “Bring it on”

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