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Ok, so it looks like these smartphone things are here to stay after all. I was a bit worried that they wouldn't quite make it. Many of us have gotten the upgrade to have our devices permanently attached to our hands and couldn't envision life without it. I know the only time I feel like I am truly on vacation is when I cruise because my phone doesn't work and it stays in the safe on the ship. If I have it, I am using it and that means doing business. The tech we have in the palm of our hands has revolutionized our lives and many apps provide simplicity to life...and even money. Here is a rundown of a few of my favorite must have apps.

1. GetUpside ( I am new to this app and I must say it has changed the way I get gas forever. GetUpside actually pays you to get the gas you would already get. The gas stations battle each other for the best deal which you select and get gas like normal, upload your receipt from the app and they take the money you save per gallon and put it into your account. Right Now I am earning back nearly 50 cents per gallon of can do the math. You are going to get gas anyway why not get paid doing it. If you want to sign up download the GetUpside App and enter Promo Code DALE3893 to receive an additional 15 cents per gallon on your first use. There are also many locations that include local restaurants as well as in store purchases so it will definitely be worth it. The earlier you get in and start building your savings...the better the deals you will get later.

Sams Club: If you are like me when you shop at Sams hate the lines, between the them and the security person checking your receipt at the door in order to get is just a huge amount of time waiting in line. The self checkout lanes don't really help because ....if it is working properly there always seems to be something that you have to wait on an attendant to assist with and then they many times want to check your purchase too. This is where the app comes in. Once you are in the store and have done your initial setup which is easy. When you walk around the store grabbing items you scan them yourself and then Pay. Saves so much time and then the only line you stand in is to get out the door but for some reason once they scan your digital receipt and check a random are good to go. It definitely gives you more freedom and is an extremely efficient way to shop.

Flixster: Alright so this one is for you movie lovers out there. This App lets you check movie trailers, times, local theaters and purchase tickets all in one stop. If you are a fan of going to the movies....this is a must have app for you. We primarily use it to quickly check our local theaters times and seating but have rewards memberships for different places so we purchase directly through them...but this app is truly a time saver for those who go to different theaters.

Filmic Pro: This one is for my video inclined folks. Filmic Pro is an amazing video recording app directly from your device. Control Iris, focus, frame rate quickly and easily just like you would in your expensive camera all from your smartphone. It also has high frame rate recording for great slow motion and even offer 4K video. The App is super easy to use although it is not a free is definitely worth it if you want to take your video recording to the next level.

Dropbox: So there are many cloud based storage programs out there and many of them work the same way...I am very much a fan of Dropbox. I have been using it for years now for both personal and business applications. My favorite feature is that I can select mobile photo downloads automatically so whenever I take photos or videos...that are automatically backed up to a folder that I can share with family members. it is great for those who create slide shows because we all have access to those photos and videos. Plus like with any cloud based service it syncs across all devices. In the past Dropbox had one major issue in that it took up computer space living in Dropbox but no longer with selective Sync. You can quickly select media to only be stored in the cloud freeing up hard drive space.

Food Guide: I love this app, recently my family started eating a bit more responsibly by limiting High Glycemic Index Foods. This App is amazing for that not only do you have an instant guide to let you know how good or bad the food is for you, but it also allows you to search and save recipes. It has a database of current diet styles so if you are doing Keto or Low Carb, looking to Lower your blood pressure, eat all natural...this app has you covered. You can also customize exactly what you are looking to do...This App is amazing for that.

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