Business Stories Podcast Media Kit

This Podcast is about learning from and educating professionals looking to grow their skills , from those who have been where they are in all stages of business.


DJ has an extensive background in the broadcast industry specializing in video, news and sports. What started as a way to learn and grow from individuals in this community in order to be a better business owner, The Business Stories Podcast was created. After episode 1 he was hooked. The passion he observed from each of his guests only fueled his own desire to help businesses thrive by helping to market them. As he met more business leaders the circle influence he had grew to a point where he can offer value simply by being on the show. DJ's love of sharing stories continued to grow with each new story he heard and was able to share. That goal is what continues to drive this podcast as well as its host each day.

Being a guest on Business Stories.

When you are a guest on Business Stories, you are the guide, offering insight to those looking to do what you do, go where you have gone and aspire to be like you. Through your story, your brand is revealed and marketed to our entire list of growing listeners. Our listeners are business professionals and are exactly the type of target audience you are looking for. You also will have access to our full circle of influence as a way to continue to grow your business on Social Media, web and by overall brand awareness. In addition to being a guest on the show, you also receive quarterly episode sponsorships (3 Full Episode Sponsorships 1 Show per month over 3 month's)


Our Sponsorships are great opportunities to tap into your target market directly. Our Listeners are comprised of business professionals looking to grow in their business as well as those who have been successful for a while now.  The best part of our sponsorships is how affordable they are. We offer many different options and plans to choose from all at extremely affordable pricing making sure you get the best ROI possible.


A live read can get your message in our voices to our audience. Fans of our podcast know, like and trust us. Leveraging this trust is a great way to get the ROI you’re looking for. For even better results, ensure the hosts have a chance to use your product or service so they can speak from personal experience. *NOTE: Live Reads advertisements must be vetted prior to recording. We must stand behind the message 100% as an endorsement.


So you already have a spot you’ve recorded for use in other places? Perfect. Get us the file and we can put it into our rotation. If you don’t have a file yet, that’s not a problem either. We can create one for you that you can use anywhere you want. It is completely your spot.


Not sure that a simple ad read or commercial will fit your needs? No problem. Be a guest on the show  Our host will engage with you and bring your message to the masses in a comfortable, relaxed format during that time we will also produce sponsorship content for 3 different complete episodes. 1 episode per month included in the guest price.


Unlike traditional media, when you advertise with Business Stories your story or ad will be heard for as long as the show you’re a part of is around. All shows, including commercials, reads and guests, are archived and syndicated out through Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, Google Play and a number of other locations.

If you are looking for the best investment of your marketing dollars, podcast sponsorship brings massive value over “traditional” marketing. Podcast ads gain exposure for years after the episode is published, giving it more total lifetime value than any other medium the best part is it continues to reach exactly your targeted market. It is a smart investment for your business growth.



Pre-roll :15 Sec

Mid-roll :45 sec

Post-roll :30 sec

On Air Mention

Full Episode 

Per Episode  $25.00

2 weeks (5)


Month (10)


Quarter (30) $500.00  

Per Episode  $75.00

2 weeks (5)


Month (10)


Quarter (30) $2000.00  

Per Episode  $50.00

2 weeks (5)


Month (10)


Quarter (30) $1250.00  

Per Episode  $35.00

2 weeks (5)


Month (10)


Quarter (30) $1000.00  

Per Episode  $185.00

2 weeks (5)


Month (10)


Quarter (30) $5000.00  

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