Rule of Thirds Productions

"Turning today's beautiful moments into tomorrow's  beautiful memories"


Many times not everyone is able to attend your wedding due to travel or other circumstances. Taking advantage of our streaming production you not only provide a platform for others to share your event with you but also provide a unique perspective for guests to watch and comment live during the action. Plus once the stream is done your video is immediately exported and ready for you to share or we can use the footage and create more beautiful memories about your event.

Live Stream Weddings and Events

Our Mission is to turn today's beautiful moments into tomorrow's beautiful memories and our team of photographers deliver every time. Their combination of vision and talent provides moments frozen into wonderful artistic memories that last a lifetime. It doesn't matter the event or job our team will deliver beyond your expectations everytime.


 Sometimes one area that get forgotten or lacks focus is the officiant. If your wedding officiant lacks personality or doesn't take the time to learn about you, then your wedding will lack personality and intimate details. Our Officiant provides a fun, intimate wedding experience that will help make your day everything it can be.


In addition to event production, we provide consultation and installation to improve your audio and visual system. Routers, Mixers, Speakers, audio boards, video cameras, switchers etc. Whatever you need, let us get you set up from start to finish.

A/V Installation

Cinema Photo are High Quality Still Images taken from Video, By capturing Video we can ensure every photo is perfect and that we never miss a second. It also allows us to provide two services in one and keep costs for our clients down and maintain the highest quality and artistic vision.

Cinema Photo

Nothing sets your mood and atmosphere quite like the DJ. Regardless of anything else, if your DJ is not good, your party cannot be a success. We understand that and take care to staff the best DJ's around. They not only keep the party going, but provide a comfortable, energy that you and your guests will want to keep interacting with all night. 

DJ Services

When you hire our crew of bartenders, you are hiring some of the best in the business. Fun, energetic, engaging and they are mixmasters with tons of experience handling all types of events and huge parties. This is one service that will set your event over the top and provide you with peace of mind because they take care of everything you and your guests need.


Our Team of Videographers offer creative storytelling in a unique and fun loving way. We strive to capture the essence of our clients vision and offer a different perspective to ensure we not only capture the audience's attention but keep them engaged, entertained, and informed all the way through.

Videography & Editing

One of the most fun memorable services we offer is our Photo booth. With the use of Green Screen Technology, we can transform to any event, be it 80's theme party, weddings, birthday's staff retreats. Anything. We can also adjust on the fly for special announcements at these events. The best part is that you and your guests will have instant, sharable .gif, videos, and photos to share digitally, and we always have props to match whatever theme you want. One of our most affordable services and it always pleases the crowd.


This is one service we are so blessed to offer. Many people "just play music" but adding the intimacy of a violinist to the mix will truly make your event the memorable event it should be.